Frotteurism in Public

One of the unfortunate side-effects of the growth of urban populations has been the emergence of non-conventional sexual assault violations in areas too crowded to pinpoint the culprit. In particular, a crime known as frotteurism has become an issue in urban centers with massive converging populations. This is a common problem in cities like Tokyo and Delhi, and certainly has been cited as an issue in crowded areas in America.

Although the terminology may not be well-known, frotteurism defined as sexual assault in the form of non-consensually touching another person. In particular, those who engage in this behavior will rub up against another person in order to gain some sort of sexual gratification.

Some people may have preconceptions about how frotteurs are, and, particularly, that only men engage in this kind of behavior. However, there are reported instances of female frotteurs, as well as no particular limitation to heteronormativity, meaning that female frotteurs may assault other females and male frotteurs may assault other males. Despite the possible diversity of those who engage in this illegal behavior, it is true that the majority of cases can be blamed on male culprits.

If frotteur is caught, the sentencing is not particularly harsh in most jurisdictions. However, due to the crime’s status as a sex crime, there are certain punishments that may accompany with a guilty verdict. In particular, a sex crime in the United States will generally add the convicted individual to a sex crimes registry list, making their crime public to those living around them and their potential business associates. In addition, a small penalty, usually in the form of a fine, may be levied against the offender.

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