A Life of Harmonius Insight

With sparkling blue eyes and an exuberant amount of energy, Barbara J. Rich, born in 1934, teaches yoga at her private studio; Yoga for Daily Living in Groton, Massachusetts. She is also a Special Education advocate and consultant, working with families and school systems in Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. Her wellness classes are an inspiration to many of us who feel weary and worn from the full and often overbooked lives we live.

As I think about all the energy it takes to push through another day I am amazed as I sit in Barbara’s peaceful sunlit yoga studio, that I am feeling so much calm and relaxed. With a shift in attitude, a few minutes of scenery change and increased oxygen levels I am starting to feel at ease. Barbara is an experienced, certified Yoga instructor from the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, MA. She offers the community a fountain of yoga teachings right in her backyard. With a rainbow of wild flowers and a secluded getaway minutes from Groton center, you feel as if you have headed towards a wilderness retreat as you pull into the driveway to her studio.

The classes begin with slow, focused breathing and gentle joint and muscle movements which allows tense muscles to unwind. Once the body-mind feels safe and accepted, classic Yoga postures (asanas) are demonstrated and practiced. You are encouraged to pay attention to your own particular range of motion and flexibility while entering, holding and releasing the postures. During the classes you are taught a variety of breathing techniques (Pranayama) concentrating on the connections between body, mind and spirit.

It is while you are in the relaxed states that you are able to clear your mind of your days’ thoughts and expectations. It is a time to simply be in the moment and absorb the natural peaceful surroundings.

In addition to weekly classes, Barbara offers one-to-one Yoga Mentoring sessions, as well as Life Coaching to help clarify your goals and guide you on your journey to your life’s purpose. She offers yoga classes on Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. and Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. The Studio is located at 104 Mill Street, Groton, MA. To attend a class; please call 978-448-3751 or email Barbara directly at barbararich@verizon.net. The studio (approx. 168 ft) is also available for rent for any type of yoga, meditation, workshops, massage or other holistic practices. If you are interested in renting the space for occasional use, (rent negotiable) please call Barbara directly at 978-448-3751.